Mahjong Deluxe! for Windows 10

Mahjong Deluxe! for Windows 10

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.0

Pretty mahjong game for Windows 8

Mahjong Deluxe! is a version of the familiar game of memory and luck for Windows 8.

Since it's made to look it's best on Windows new Metro interface, Mahjong Deluxe! is really a good-looking app. The game itself is both simple and familiar - match the tiles until they all disappear or you can't go any further - and if you like the genre, you'll be very pleased with this version.

Mahjong Deluxe! is visually very appealing, with mystical music, 168 puzzle layouts and 13 backgrounds to choose from, and the tiles themselves are pretty - although there doesn't seem to be many sets to choose from. You can also toggle the music, sounds and timed game features, and there's an undo button to help you on your way.

One thing to note - although we had no problems, reviewers of Mahjong Deluxe! on the Windows 8 store noticed that the game occasionally crashed - usually towards the end!

If you're a mahjong fan, Mahjong Deluxe! is a great introduction to the game on Windows 8.


  • Looks great
  • Hints and undo function
  • Lots of puzzle layouts


  • Nothing revolutionary
  • Not enough tile sets

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Mahjong Deluxe! for Windows 10


Mahjong Deluxe! for Windows 10 1.0

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